Our client list includes National car rental, CN, Home Hardware, Fountain Tire, Rona, and Rivershore Chrysler, as well as a long list of local businesses and individuals. We value each customer. Some of them have been good enough to let us know how much they value what we've done as well. Here's a few reviews:

"...We brought our only delivery van in on Friday night after it had gotten its driver door smashed closed in the snow. Blaine and his partner got it open for Monday's run and fixed it better than new the following week. The door's the straightest part of the van. Thanks!" --Jim Farmer, Random Farm

"...We've been customers of Blaine's since the '80's. He's fixed the minivan bumper that met the garage wall, the front end of the family car after it met a deer, and the rear of our son's car after he had the bad luck to be in front of someone who just had to make the light. His work is always perfect, he always has a smile and a story, and he always goes the extra mile to get things done quickly and inexpensively. There's no bill-padding or buck-passing. After three new drivers and the inevitable bad luck, Blaine's feels a bit like home. " --Becky S. Mom

 "...Blaine and his partner somehow found the right parts to restore my beloved '68 Power Wagon. I know it took some time but the bill was still reasonable, even though he had to partially rebuild a horribly rusted tub. I appreciated his honesty going in to a project that could have gotten out of control...all the way through he made suggestions based on long experience that left we with an excellent truck for a bill I could manage. Thanks." Jimmy P. "Sarge" Fweeler, Kamloops, BC.