Welcome to Blaine's Autobody

Kamloops Autobody Shop

Cars have changed a lot in the past 30 years. But the principles of good business--fine craftsmanship and excellent customer service--haven’t. We’re a two-man shop, and we plan to stay that way. Blaine started in the trade at 16. You can go to bigger shops that do more things (we’ll send you there, if your car needs equipment we don’t have) but we’re content with a handshake from a customer we've had for a decade or more.

Here’s what we do:

  •     Bodywork: we can fix or replace sheet metal, plastic, and small structural parts. Fender bender, tree branch, or the inevitable effects of rust, we’ll get your car looking like new.
  •     Paint: We can repair paint a panel or an inch at a time, or we can give you a better-than-factory paint job on your whole car.
  •     Fleet Service: We give priority to people who make their living with their vehicles. That doesn’t mean everyone else has to wait—it usually means we stay up late to get that all important delivery truck out for the morning run.
  •     Restorations: It’s not everyone who wants to spend $70k on their Granddad’s Edsel, but for those who do, we’re game for a project. Bring us what you have and leave with an heirloom.
  •     ICBC and Private Insurance Claims: We've been in the business long enough to know our way around the insurance process. We'll do everything we can to make getting your car back as quick and painless as possible.